Wednesday, August 25, 2010

For Those Of Us Who Don't Believe In Love

Millions of us have lost our faith in love and in life. All of us have been hurt, deceived, mistreated and underappreciated. All of us have hurt, deceived, mistreated and underappreciated others. We are all on the same boat.

Love is a mysterious and difficult power to comprehend; it has no form, no weight, and no location. It is ungraspable, untouchable and unreachable. We can’t buy it and we can’t sell it, we can’t manipulate it and we can’t control it, we can’t even produce it or manufacture it.

Obviously, another fact about love is that we can’t see it. All of these facts would take our rational minds to make the conclusion that it doesn’t exist and that it isn’t real… especially after having hurt and having been hurt so many times.

But how can we be hurt by something that doesn’t exist? Is that possible? The hurt that you have caused others and the hurt that others have caused you is the direct proof that love is real.

Love has so much potential that it can hurt us or heal us depending on how we see things. If we see the hurt that love can cause us as bad, we will probably develop a negative relationship with the infinite power of love. If we see hurt as the path that leads us into the full realization of love’s true face we will be humbled to the point of no return.

We will discover that doubt and fear are signals of our innocent denial of the full truth of love. When we uncover our denial and question our doubts we might just discover that love is all there is.

We will ultimately discover that love does have a form, a weight and a location, love is everything we see, feel, hear, taste and touch. Love is all there is, ever has been and ever will be. Love is absolutely real, it is absolutely permanent, and it is absolutely infinite. There is nothing that is not love… including the pain we feel. When we get this, we are at ease and we trust that love is always leading the way, no matter what.

Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Big Awakening

My heart has shattered into a billion pieces
It has exploded into the All
Every fragment is now finally in its rightful place
There is absolutely nothing left of me but openness
I can see again
I am completely humbled
The last thing I expected
Here it is
I am done
My heart is totally here


The search for truth can make you an insanely complicated being who succeeds at nothing more than pushing everything away. The desire for grandiosity will kill your essence faster than anything. Today I have awoken and all I see is that I do not know anything and that it is all very simple. I am glad to be back and I would gladly work as a cashier in 7-11. What a relief! I am done.