Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Key To Liberation

In our mostly insane world, one of the first things many of us are taught is how we are a huge problem, some of us cry too much, want too much and need too much – when we are babies, that is. The first transmission many of us get from our innocently ignorant parents is that we are a huge problem. We are a huge burden. “Ugh, I have to deal with this little devil again? When will it be over?”

Okay, so maybe you were lucky enough to skip the crappy parents, but what about cultural and religious conditioning? In our society, matters can get pretty intense as well, we are taught that we need to “improve,” that we need to study, that we need to lose weight, look good, be rich and become famous. In church (and even outside of it) we are taught that we are evil, dirty sinners that have an “original” dirty sin and an originally black and vile heart. You may think I am exaggerating but if you delve into the religious conditioning systems you will see that the point is to make you feel completely worthless, inferior and guilty.

Add this to the crazy people you bump into along the way, people who are constantly criticizing you, making fun of you and trying to make you feel like you are bad. This is especially true for the people you are closest to! Isn’t it funny how strangers are usually sweeter, more accepting and more loving than our family and friends? Don’t worry, if you become friends with a stranger (or start a romantic relationship with one, for that matter), it won’t be long until he or she feels entitled to start belittling you in some way or another.

The people closest to us are the ones who feel most entitled to make us feel like junk. I think this is mind blowing! Have you noticed? As a teacher and as an outgoing person, I have brief encounters with people constantly, the people that I meet for the first time are the nicest, most supportive, encouraging, loving, understanding and endearing people. I bet their close friends and family don’t see them that way (and if they do, I bet they don’t let them know directly.)

Anyway, the points are – things don't have to be this way because the truth is that you are not originally a sinner regardless of who you are, you are not lazy, you are not selfish, you are not evil, you are not stupid, you are not dumb, you are not wrong, you are not bad. You’re just a human being just like all the people who came up with these outrageous ideas. It was certainly not God who came up with any of these destructive, insensitive, manipulative and damaging notions. God created all there is and God is love. God really loves you and God would really love to see you come into alignment with His love and join Him in the Self-Love party.

The key to salvation is Self-Love – that’s the secret – and you know what? It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are, if you can pull True Self-Love off, you are saved. Take it from me, I know. ;-)

What I Keep Discovering

The more I experience the world, the more I realize that it is a lie that I hate it. I love the world and the way it is. It is amazing how adulthood tends to become the doorway into a delusional insanity that can makes us feel incredibly disgusted at the gift of life. I love to observe children, when they are not being childish or cruel, when they are at their open and free state. There is no greater joy to me than the joy of learning the lessons that the innocence of a child have to offer.

There is something so profoundly beautiful about a being that knows that it doesn't know anything.

Yeah, what I keep discovering over and over, what I keep realizing over and over is that the real truth is that I don't really know anything. I don't know how the world should be, must be or needs to be. I don't even know how the world really is. I don't know what's right and what's wrong... not really. The truth is that I don't know anything and I don't even know if that's true.

I keep falling into the space that I am so in love with, the vast, open space of the consciousness of an innocent child. It is so lovely. I discover true enjoyment, true life, true freedom.

It is so beautiful and precious that I don't even need it or want it. It is not mine. It is free of me. I love it. The fulfillment and the richness of the experience I am unsuccessfully trying to point to is such a profound

I was going to keep writing, but I can't. I've gone beyond words, and something wants to dwell there.

I love what we truly are -- I am no longer afraid of it.


The Idea That There Is Something To Get

I can’t think of anything sadder than the way we’re continuously conditioned to see success. The way we’re taught is basically this: accumulate accomplishments by investing and focusing all of your energy on a goal until you get what you want. Do this an infinite amount of times and you will end up successful and happy.

Poor culture! The model has served for not much more than a bunch of insane people who are looking for what they desire most in all the wrong places. The model is also perfect for making us ignore all that is important since what we are pursuing becomes what we think is the most important thing. Parents ignore their children because they are after a reward at work, teachers ignore their students because they are after following the guidelines of the educational system, boyfriends ignore their girlfriends because all the relationship is really based on is on creating an appearance. It’s just freaking sad how our culture has set it all up. Chase, chase, chase, chase, chase and never get there. It’s like a horse with the carrot attached to the front of its face, it will never quite reach it.

When are we collectively going to notice? This, is of course a rhetorical question, I for sure, have noticed and actually enjoy the benefits of not falling for the endless trap of chasing a better life, experience, state of being or whatever. I know with every fiber of my being that this is it. My recognition has gone so deep that even religion and spirituality have lost at their attempt to try and convince me that there is a goal to achieve. I know, without doubt that there is nothing to get! Nothing to achieve! That life is an ever-unfolding mystery that continually opens and opens and opens. Now, now, now, or should I say noooooooooooooooooooooooo...w.

Does this exclude goal setting, pursuing certain things and making plans? Not necessarily. All those things can still very well operate and happen within the reality of life, in fact, they’re always happening! Any plan or any goal you set out to pursue is an idea at best. There is absolutely no idea that can override the simple truth of this moment. You don’t know if you’ll be alive tomorrow, period. In life, it is clear that anything is possible. Anything could happen. You don’t know, I don’t know. So the idea that you should ignore all that really matters to simply pursue what you think you want is shortsighted and, if you ask me, it seems to be loaded with (avoidance of) pain. The pain of not wanting to face this moment as it is, the pain of not stopping right here and right now and getting really real.

What I write isn’t philosophy, it’s more like truth. Saying that you don’t know what will happen five minutes from now isn’t mental masturbation, it is the truth. Saying that you don’t know if we’ll make it until next Saturday isn’t bullshit, it’s the simple truth. We don’t know a damn thing. All we know, for now is that we are alive, that we are here. Everything else is in such a constant state of flux that we can’t consider it actual knowing; one day milk is good for you, the next decade we discover that it’s really not, one day you’re a skinny, hot dude or babe, ten years later you’re something else altogether. One day the earth is flat, a thousand years later we discover that it’s round. We don’t know what we think we know for sure.

How do you know that when you get what you’re seeking you’ll be happy? How do you know that? Hasn’t all your life experience up to this point proven you otherwise? What about all the times you got what you thought you wanted? Why aren’t you as happy as you knew you would be once you got that? When are we going to stop bullshitting ourselves?

Again, these are all rhetorical questions. The point isn’t to answer them but to allow them in and have their effect if they are going to have any. There will come a day for all of us when we will start to wonder all of these things… once we stop pushing it away, avoiding it, denying it and fearing it we will be graced with the simple truth, the truth that a really respected guy once said will set you free.

There is nothing to get, there is nowhere to go. Life is just living itself. That’s actually what’s happening. Are you ready to accept this?

Why You Volunteered To Be Here

So imagine you’re a soul, and you’re up in the sky and you look down and see what’s going on at planet Earth. You see there’s a tremendous amount of pain and suffering going on. Beautiful you tells God: “Hey God, I want to go down there and help.” And God says: “Are you sure you want to go down there my love? Do you know what you’re getting yourself into?” And you say “Well, I can’t know what I am getting myself into, it does look pretty messy and painful down there, but I want to give it a shot anyway. Besides, I see there’s a bunch of cool stuff down there too… TV, cars, money, sex, flowers, friends, family, respect, love, admiration, success – I kind of want to see how those things feel” And God says “I understand my beloved, but you have all you could possibly need up here with me,” And you say, “I know God, but I really, really want to go down there and help out and see what it’s all about” God finally says: “Okay, you are free to go, you are always free and have always been free, but just know this: you may forget this when you go down there. You may get overwhelmed by the pain and suffering and you may completely lose the sense of freedom for quite some time. You will most likely forget this day and forget me, you will probably learn about some false me and you’ll struggle to find me again.”

Boom! Crash! Here you are! Of course by now, you’ve forgotten all of it and now you think it’s all about you. You think it’s all about what you think, what you feel, what you go through, what you want, what you don’t want, etc. It’s all about YOU. It’s all become a “me, me, me” game. What my parents did to me, how my parents are to me, what the world is to me, how the world is to me, what God did to me, how God is to me. It’s all revolves around me! As I'm sure you know, a life lived like this becomes tremendously painful; after all you’ve innocently decided to perceive it in a way where you are the only pressure point in existence.

Try to remember that conversation you had with God, your original, most pure intent was not to get lost in the pain you chose to embody in order to be in this world, it was more about healing that pain and continuing to heal all the pain you encounter at each moment. That is why you and I are here – of course we are also here to experience all the rest of the stuff that comes with this creation. Remember your spiritual origin, remember your spiritual intention, and remember your spiritual roots. Once you are clear on why you are here, you will be much more available to enjoy this insane ride. You will experience the joy of the gift of having been allowed to embody in this messy planet to have a shot at healing all the pain you had to take on and beyond. It is beautiful. Just remember and you will see! Believe me, I know! :-P

Anger, Fear, Guilt, Shame And Others

As we become more conscious of the things I’ve been writing about lately (how we are constantly avoiding the present moment and so on) many times a whole bunch of repressed, unconscious data starts to unload. We start to feel the anger we might feel towards our parents, towards society and towards life in general, our fears certainly start to surface, including our deepest ones. Guilt and shame about our past also start to surface and trust me, it’s no fun. All of the repressed and suppressed emotions within us start to come out for resolution.

The material of the past tends to cause anger, guilt and shame and thinking about the future usually causes tremendous fear and anxiety. It’s amazing how virtually every human being walking the earth is loaded with these pushed down feelings and they don’t even know it. If I were to tell anyone I know all of this stuff they would likely ask: “What are you talking about? I don’t have any of those feelings.” And of course I understand this – how would they know? We’ve worked so hard at avoiding our feelings for so long, that we've become experts at suppressing and repressing, so much so that many times we’re not even aware that we're doing it! It’s become an innocent, automatic and deeply unconscious process.

The reason why most of us aren’t interested in this type of stuff and even consider things like these useless chatter is because we are terrified of the hidden recesses of our psyches. We are so fearful of ourselves that as a defense mechanism we unconsciously shut down our ability to see what we think is overwhelming within us. The truth is that most of us have enormous amounts of hidden, heavy and dark material. A simple way to see this is to turn on the news or read the newspaper… simpler yet, listen to how often we complain and how judgmental most of us are. Those are all ways the hidden, rotten, old material sticks its face out for a moment. The kicker is that we are so collectively unconscious that this has all become normal behavior. Judging another is normal, constant complaining is normal, constant negativity is normal, constant pessimism is normal, constantly playing the victim is normal, constantly being in fear or terror of the future is normal.

The reason why we all enable ourselves to live this kind of life is because we have collectively agreed that we are going to stay miserable and support each other in our misery. I’m sure you’ve heard the saying that I certainly didn’t come up with: misery enjoys company. The reason why misery enjoys company is because misery couldn’t possibly survive without company! Imagine a miserable person around nine truly, sincerely and honestly happy people? His misery wouldn’t last much, would it? The happy people wouldn’t fall into his or her drama for a million bucks! Who would? Truly happy people know that life is a gift, that it is great while at the same time not being in denial about the harshness that it can present.

The point of this writing certainly isn’t to beat down on your misery, in fact, what I really want to do with this one is to tell you that I really understand. I understand how you feel; I understand the anger, the guilt, the shame, the fear and all other emotions hidden in your emotional closet. I would like to encourage you to express these emotions, to let them out of the closet, to experience them and to set them free. The process of doing this is certainly not pleasant at all, believe me, I’ve been going through a long period of this and it feels like ass.

Some things I could tell you to make the process easier for you, if you are brave enough to allow it to happen, are that none of the stories you tell yourself in your head are true. They might have been true in the past, but they are obviously not true now. You may have to dig for your stories; most people I know are so unconscious that they couldn’t even start to imagine that they have deep stories embedded in their subconscious. Typical ones are: “I’m not loved,” “No one cares,” “I’m not worthy,” “I hate the world,” “Life sucks,” “I’m alone,” “No one listens,” “I want to die,” “The world is scary,” “I can’t do it,” “I suck,” “I have it worse than everybody else,” and on and on it goes. If you want to find out you’ll have to do the digging.

Again, none of these stories or whichever you come up with could possibly be true at this moment. The fact that you are reading this is an obvious sign that things are going well for you… if they weren’t you’d be doing something other than reading an article that is obviously aimed at exposing your internal reality and allowing it to flow out of your insides. Only those ready for this will read this, that’s the way it works. I wish I could get this message to the kids that are in the process of forming negative self-beliefs… that’s what you and I once did, and that is why we now have to read things like these to overcome our limitations.

By the way, if you’re like most people, you may be wondering what the payoff for doing all of this is… well, you just get more honest, more real, more true, more understanding, more compassionate, more caring and more loving with life, with yourself and with others. Do you want that? To me, the only true happiness there is, is the joy of loving and understanding. Anything that’s not that, is not really happiness, it’s more like delusion, which is actually what most of us experience daily.

The Big Switch: From Fear to Love

Have you noticed how most of us are still thinking and acting like cavemen? Okay, it’s true, we now know how to handle a Blackberry (which is now an electronic device), we now can also type things like this article on the internet. We have a sophisticated brain that is able to come up with an equally sophisticated language and culture. It’s great, it’s beautiful… but what is it that I mean when I say that most of us are still thinking and acting like cavemen? Let me explain.

I’ve talked and written about two types of motivation: fear-based motivation and love-based motivation. The fear-based model is simple: everything we do, we do for survival. In this type of motivation the root of behavior is very simple: if it will keep me alive I’ll keep doing it, if it will kill me I'll avoid it at all costs. Thankfully, this is how cavemen operated! If it wasn’t for that, our sophisticated systems would not be here. If it wasn't for the avoidance of death approach that cavemen excelled at, I certainly would not be writing this and you would certainly not be reading it. Cavemen did their thing to get you and me to be here well, fear of death worked.

Now, let us look at the other option that has, in my opinion, been an option for quite some time now. This is the love-based approach; this is when we do what we do because we love to do it, not because we are afraid that we will die if we don’t. This is the option that has opened up thanks to the success of cavemen who survived all the trials and tribulations they went through from the time of poisonous blackberries vs. good blackberries to the time of handheld electronic Blackberries.

My point is simple: it is no longer necessary to be running on a fear-based approach. Life is no longer as threatening as it was when we were dinner for other species! Our victory has changed things around a bit, now it is us that capture other animals and eat them for dinner, so we need not be afraid any longer!

Now, survival is as simple as getting up, getting in the car, doing light work and getting a paycheck every week. Things have changed quite a bit, wouldn’t you say? There’s no need to be so afraid anymore, is there? We are spoiled now! Living is quite easy if we are to compare with cave days.

Our approach can now go from fear-based to love-based in the sense that we can actually drive our car where we love to drive it, do the work we love to do, experience the things we love to experience and at the same time get rewarded for it!

Is this how most of us are choosing to live our lives? It doesn’t seem like it. Most of us still use survival talk as if survival was still such a difficult struggle. Many of us despise our jobs and keep going to them as if we had no other choice, as if the only way for us to survive was attending that specific job.

Let’s face it, we live in a world filled with options, filled with possibilities, filled with opportunities, all we need to do is exercise our love for a particular function, one that we just feel lovingly inclined to practice. If we do this, we make our passion into our dream job. I know this sounds simplistic, and in a way it is, the hardest thing is realizing that what I am writing about is totally possible. You will have to defeat all the voices in your head that are arguing with the reality that you can indeed switch your motivation from fear-based motivation, to love-based motivation. We are not cavemen anymore. It takes diligent work, but we can do it!

The End Of Running Away

Because it seems to be happening to me, I am going to make the educated guess that there comes a point for many of us where we notice that most, if not all the things we do are avenues of distraction, avoidance or simply running away.

Before I go on, I want to say that there is nothing wrong with this – well maybe there is something wrong with this, but I just don’t want to place a value judgment on something that seems to be happening to almost all of us.

So yeah, anyway to go on, most of the things we do, we do in order to avoid a very simple thing that is usually concealed within many complex psychological layers. I am referring to the simplicity and clarity of the here and now. Most of us cloud the here and now with a bunch of activities, thoughts and emotions. It’s like we are terrified of experiencing life directly, clearly and simply.

How do we manifest this terror? We go on pursuits! We pursue happiness, more money, sex, highs, relationships, drama, you name it! It seems like ANYTHING could be used to cloud over and dismiss the simple present moment. There just doesn’t seem to be anything interesting within the here and now, it seems too neutral, too boring, too simple, too obvious, too familiar.

So, when we start to realize this, some of us embark on a “spiritual journey,” some of us embark in a "pursuit of fame and success journey," some of us go into a "getting wasted every night journey." Basically, we hop on whatever wave that seems to carry the promise of getting us outside of the "insufficient" here and now.

Why does the here and now seem so threatening? I’m going to suggest that there are many reasons for this. First, I’m going to say that we have been conditioned by our culture to seek outside of the here and now. Second, and this is not necessarily exclusive of the first, is that we may have traumas that affect our ability to remain in the here and now. Maybe the last time you were consciously here and now (which was most likely during your early childhood) something spooked you out of it. Any kind of abuse will do. As a result of the abuse you might have concluded that being here and now is dangerous, so you programmed yourself to avoid being here and now at all costs. This is something that might have gotten so deeply imprinted in your brain that you have no idea what this article is about.

Let me use myself as an example. I’ve always been a sensitive person, for long I have been terrified of being here and now because I probably have traumas that started back in my early life. When I was here and now (very present) and just being a healthy, normal and natural being, there were adults around me yelling and not too pleased with my behavior. So what did I do? I created my own world in my head, a world that I would use to separate myself from the apparently hostile here and now that had people shouting within it.

Ever since, I’ve been developing different strategies to avoid being here and now. I went to college, largely because I didn’t want to be here now, I smoked cigarettes because I didn’t want to be here now, I became addicted to sex because I didn’t want to be here now, I got in and stayed in unhealthy relationships because I didn’t want to be here now, I wrote tons of pages because I didn’t want to be here now, I worked out three hours a day for three months because I didn’t want to be here now, I read many books because I didn’t want to be here now, I went on a spiritual search because I didn’t want to be here now, I went absolutely nuts because I didn’t want to be here now, the list goes on and on.

My life, and most likely your life, has become all about avoidance of such a simple thing. Not only because of the trauma, but also because we seem to be trained to fear the here and now (which is another form of trauma, by the way).

Now that we are caught in this avoidance pattern, what do we do? Well, just imagine… if, like me, you became conscious of this deep reality and you were to act on it, all the stuff you do to AVOID being here and now would probably start to fall away. It would all start to disintegrate for you (believe me, this would definitely happen). This process, as you can guess is not necessarily fun… this is why most of us hold on tightly to all the distracting mechanisms that we use to avoid being present. I, for example have let go of a lot, but thought is still there with me when I am making my bed. Thought is in the way of the direct experience of making my bed. I start to think about something else as I am making the bed, I must be afraid of simply making my bed! It’s amazing how traumatized we can be without even knowing it! You might say, that’s not fear… but why else would incessant thought be going through my head as I am making my bed?

I suggest that it’s because if I don’t think then I won’t figure the rest of my life out! (A funny endeavor that most of us seem to be engaged in. I think it’s hilarious, don’t you?)

Anyway, the here and now, at least for now is not threatening, there is nothing harmful about consciously coming to the present moment and dwelling in it. Why don’t we both submerge ourselves into it and start to question all the fears that come up around being here now? After all, isn’t the here and now all there really is? A second ago is gone and a second from now is not here yet. So if you’re either in the past or in the future, you’re living in a fantasy. How does that make you feel? Because I certainly keep losing the taste for the unreal more and more, it’s just boring.

The Denial of the Spiritual Realms

Okay, before I start, I want to tell you that the real title of this article is “The Denial of the Subtle Realms” – I used the word spiritual instead, because I am aware that we have been conditioned to think of the spiritual as the subtle, ethereal realms of a higher order. The truth is, that at least in the way I’ve come to see it, there is nothing that is not spiritual. The truth is that the realm that you and I inhabit right now is a spiritual realm. Brushing your teeth, tying your shoelaces, eating breakfast and going to work are perfectly spiritual things in my book. Of course we have not been taught that, we’ve been taught that the spiritual is up there and we could not be more separated from the high and holy. Anyway, that’s another story… what I really want to write about now is about the obvious fact of the existence of subtler (or what most call “spiritual”) realms.

Do you really think that the only intelligent, creative and self-aware beings are human beings? I mean, come on! That would be silly, wouldn’t it? Knowing that there are degrees of density from our direct observation, and knowing the infinity of space we have got to be a bit more honest. Can you see the radio waves in the air that can bring any of those boxes we call radios to life? What about the waves that upon reception brings your TV to life? What about Wi-Fi? What about the way your voice can travel all the way to China through a cell phone? I mean, come on! We all know from just our daily experience that reality is multidimensional. We have dense rocks and subtle breezes; we have dense rain and subtle sunlight; isn’t it obvious?

The idea that the only beings that are self-aware are these beings called humans, beings who reside on the relatively tiny planet called Earth is just silly. The only lucky, graced and gifted ones by a cosmic evolutionary “accident” can’t be us. That’s an egocentric trip at best, at least if you ask me. It takes a pretty hurt and scared soul to shut off the sensitivity to the multidimensional reality. But again, that’s another story.

I’d like to posit something that perhaps many of us have not thought about. I know that I have mentioned the vastness of the universe and created images making planet Earth seem small. I know that this might seem like I am implying like other, more subtle realities are distant from where we are, but that’s not necessarily so. Like I said, there is a ton of information floating in the air you breathe, you are breathing in thousands of TV channels, thousands of radio stations, tons of subtle information. Another thing that you can’t argue is that love has no solidity to it, you can’t tell me what love looks like, how much it weighs or how much it’s worth, more poignant than all of that is that you can't tell me where love is. Love is another thing you are breathing in and out every instant.

So, who knows? Maybe we are also in the presence of a plethora of dimensions that are so much subtler than what our senses can perceive that we wouldn't even be aware of them. Maybe there’s what they call a bunch of angels surrounding you now – they may be so subtle and in such a different order of reality that you wouldn’t be able to see them! Our senses might just be too slow to be able to experience of perceive such beings.

The point isn’t to call them angels, the point is whether there might be beings surrounding you or not. It doesn’t matter what you call them. It is an obvious fact that there are other dimensions that have different sets of laws ruling them… just remember a recent dream and you will see what I am talking about.

The nicest thing about all of what I am writing about is that it is all relatively irrelevant and relatively unimportant, it's ultimately kind of like knowing that there are people who live in China. You may not be seeing them now, but you know they are there and now you don't have to be in denial about it – which is always a good thing, because you will be aware of a more global reality and you will make the tiny adjustments necessary to coexist harmoniously.

All I am hoping to bring out in the light is that there is more to reality than we might be aware of, there is more space, more possibilities and more of everything. The point is to come out of denial, that's all. It only takes opening our senses and opening our minds and hearts to be able to come out of what I think is such an obviously egocentric denial. I do not think that we are alone and that all there is, is a shitty world that makes us get up in the morning and go to work. There is MORE to life; and I think we all intuitively know this… it’s a matter of being brave enough to come out of our mental boxes and explore the multiple possibilities.

Remember, the existence of an infinite number of realms doesn’t ultimately matter, this is all about getting you out of denial, not about making you a spiritual junkie, which is the last thing we need. The whole point of this life and this living is to take care of and be HERE now.

The whole point is to be aware of that in which we invest too much energy denying, so we can have the energy available to be present and ready for NOW.

Dare to Understand

A lot of us define ourselves by our refusal to understand others – “I can’t understand why he would do that,” “Who does that?” “Why would she do that?” – These are some of the typical statements that we say, and supposedly mean. The question is: is it really true that you don’t get it? Or are you just saying that you don’t get it?
I’m going with the latter. My guess is that you do understand and you’re just saying you don’t or you can’t to create boundaries that define who you think you are. I mean who would you be if you understood racist behavior? Who would you be if you understood cruel behavior? Who would you be if you understood unhealthy behaviors?

Many of us seem to think that understanding a terrorist means that we are encouraging the obviously wrong behavior. We seem to be so terrified of actually relating to and understanding a criminal because we think that we will automatically become an accomplice. Again, I beg to differ. I think that realizing and admitting that one understands a criminal is half the victory of overcoming destructive behaviors. Expecting a terrorist to act like a normal, healthy and sane person is unreasonable – there are obviously deep underlying issues within the psyche of such a person. There is obviously an exaggerated pathological condition that has gotten extreme enough to manifest as a suicidal freak that seeks to harm others.

Can you understand any obviously deranged behavior? Of course you can! How? Just look at yourself… okay, I’m not saying you’re an obvious case of severe pathological neurosis, but there are definitely smaller behaviors in your arsenal that you are less than proud of. Not only that, but you find it hard, if not impossible to control them!

This, my friend, is the key to relating with another. Whether they have an exaggerated, magnified case of destructive behavior, or whether it’s something as seemingly small as road rage.

Just think – that terrorist could have been you – you’re just lucky that your neurosis hasn’t reached such magnitude. You CAN understand the other by understanding yourself… and once we have a critical mass of people who understand we can move on to global healing. As always, it starts with you and me though.

You and I CAN understand – that’s one of the greatest gifts of life, the ability to understand.

Shame, shame, shame!

A lot of us are waiting to improve certain aspects of our lives before we get help from another. Wow! Yeah! This really does happen and I think it's likely due to shame! It’s so funny. Many of us are trying to lose some weight before we join the gym! Don’t you think that’s funny? The gym is one of the best tools we use to lose weight! Some of us are waiting to get in better shape to start a psychotherapy phase! Wow! Isn’t that funny? Psychotherapy is one of the best tools you can use to see through patterns that keep you from going to the gym and taking it seriously.

Some of us are waiting to get better at reading and writing before we actually decide to go to college! Wow! Isn’t that funny? College is a perfect place for us to improve our reading and writing skills.

Shame! Shame! Shame! That’s what it looks like it all boils down to. Most of us are waiting to improve before we decide to commit to an improvement discipline. It’s so funny! It’s like a double negative thing going on in human consciousness, a conflict that cancels out and drains precious energy and keeps many of us stuck in patterns of mediocrity.

Do I happen to understand why we do this? I believe so, it is called fear. Do I understand this fear? I believe so, it is called the drive to survive. Do I understand our natural desire to survive? I believe so, it seems to be an inherent quality within all living forms.

I understand, I understand, I understand. But STILL, when we get focused and honest we will see that most of us are being unreasonable, illogical and irrational -- and even that, I understand! There is nothing wrong with us, we are not alone, we are all in this together!

Now if we're tired of the way we are or have been for longer than we're proud of, let's question our beliefs and prove ourselves wrong!!! We might find out that we've been totally wrong about the way we've been seeing things... the worst that can happen is CHANGE! A change that might lead to the reduction or perhaps even the end of SHAME!

A Buddha

A Buddha can't possibly see what's wrong, a Buddha can only see what's right. A Buddha can't possibly complain, worry or think about what should be. A Buddha can only see, appreciate and love what is. Enjoy what IS. Fully. A Buddha can't possibly see things the way the ego sees it, it is impossible, totally impossible for a Buddha to see things from a negative point of view. Only the ego can do this, and even a person with a high degree of Buddhahood can fall for the ego for a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a month... but the Buddha will always reawaken from ego and see it was just a trance, a dream, a story, a trick.

A Buddha can't possibly see anything wrong with anything, wrong does not exist in the mind of a Buddha. There is no such thing as wrong, there is only the totality of what is. There is absolutely no need for a Buddha to judge, label, analyze, question, doubt, fear anything. There is just no chance of it. There is no need, it is seen as a trance and released as soon as it is seen.

A Buddha knows when he is in a trance state and when he is awake and clear. When he is in a trance he feels conflict, division, fear, separation. When he is clear he is outside of all states, outside of all experience, he IS what IS. A Buddha IS the state, is inside the state, outside the state, around the state. A Buddha IS the state.

A mature Buddha does not seek higher states, better experience, a better place, a better environment. A mature Buddha does not seek. A mature Buddha knows that he IS the environment. A mature Buddha does not look for ways of escape, he does not yearn for a higher, better state or condition. He is present with what is, 100% A higher Buddha does not seek enlightenment, liberation, freedom, radical transformation or evolution. A higher Buddha is all of the before mentioned. A higher Buddha is the most active, responsive and engaged being, flowing with the totality of existence and beyond. A higher Buddha is dynamic, creative, responsive and fully alive! There is no dis-engagement in a fully embodied Buddha. A Buddha does not register better or worse, because it's all ONE. It's all THIS. There is no before or after for a Buddha, no then and now, no this and that. Just THIS, ONE, HERE.

A fully conscious Buddha recognizes with every fiber of his being, with every ounce of his light that THIS IS IT. That there is nothing before or after THIS. That THIS is IT. Regardless of how THIS chooses to appear. THIS is IT. There is no desire to free yourself from this, because you ARE this.

There is no fear in a Buddha's system, there is only fear in a lower body, a lower mind. A Buddha loves his lower body and lower mind and allows it to get hooked onto trances because a Buddha knows it's no big deal and there is nothing to lose. There is no such thing as a big deal for a Buddha, no such thing as loss. There is no such thing as depression for a Buddha, no such thing as despair, hopelessness, anxiety, dread, worry, a sense of impending doom, insanity, insecurity, problems, questions.

But a Buddha will lovingly claim all these delusions, will lovingly embody all these resistances to the Eternal Tao and wash them in its right view and clarity. A Buddha is True Freedom to experience, live and go through anything. A Buddha is what you truly are! Awaken to your Buddha Nature.

Snap out of it and BE!

I have seen throughout my life a whole bunch of "humble" fakes! I'm through with it in myself and I have no tolerance for this humility and insecurity in others! ENOUGH! Your "humility" is destroying you and the world!

You are GREAT! You are smart, funny, powerful, witty, incredible and amazing no matter who you are! No matter what!

Since most of us are raised by incredibly arrogant parents who think they know what they're talking about they THINK they know what's right and what's wrong, what's good and what's bad -- they have NO idea! Nobody does... except for one person and that is YOU!

Stop pretending like you are a weak idiot that doesn't know what you want! You DO! Look around, what you see around you is exactly what you want!

If you are having problems relating, in the world, in society, in sex, in whatever most of it is probably due to second-guessing yourself too much. You are being dragged around by phony idiots who think they know how to live! They OBVIOUSLY don't! If they did the world wouldn't look like the mess it does, can you argue with this? If you can, get lost and find something better to do than to read this pile of crap that I'm writing.

You are GREAT! You ARE AMAZING! You are DIVINE, you are INCREDIBLE! The influence you have had on others goes FAR BEYOND what you could possibly imagine. You are attractive, influential and powerful beyond your wildest dreams. Enough hiding it and bullshitting yourself and others, it's not working!

Cut the whining, complaining, doubt, cynicism and insecurity already. Your show is boring, bland and predictable. Stop acting like an idiot! You are NOT an idiot. You are NOT a fool. You are NOT ugly, you are NOT stupid, you are NOT crazy and you are NOT lazy. You are graceful, powerful, immense and shockingly strong. Look at you, look at all the nonsense and bullshit you've endured, look at all the crap you've put up with! Pick yourself up NOW! Not later, not tomorrow, not when you get what you "want." Do it NOW! This is your ONLY chance EVER. This is your LAST opportunity, it is your ONLY opportunity.

Stop moping around and swimming in confusion and powerlessness. Jump into your true water, the water of security, the water of true confidence, the water of grace! Stop being a pathetic little ego that's crying for attention, for love and for approval. Give all these things to yourself, you are the ONLY one that can do it! Other people are constantly supporting you, advising you, counseling you, telling you what to say, think, do, feel, believe -- DON'T LISTEN TO THEM! They are the reason why you are stuck in contaminated waters.

I am no motivational speaker, and this isn't "cute" stuff. This is the plain old TRUTH. There is nothing religious or spiritual about this, this is FACT. Wake up NOW. Claim your power, be the king or queen that you are and stop pretending like you are any less. Stop your shit. Grow into yourself. Be.

All your "problems" are bullshit. You are in GREAT condition. Stop defending your weaknesses and get REAL. You need nothing or no one. You are it! You are the one! You are your own savior, your own grace, your own power! STOP giving it away to others who don't know this, because if you are still reading this you KNOW beyond any doubt that YOU ARE IT!

No excuses! Wake up and realize that YOU ARE IT!

The Difficulty Of Becoming Free Of Ingrained Patterns

I think it's obvious by now that it is not "easy" to break free from our tendencies for self-sabotage, inefficiency and tail-chasing.

I've always been an ambitious and overzealous dude. I've always thought I could just take out the axe and chop the damn thing at its trunk. One, two, gone!

Yeah right! I've always had this desire to make everything seem so much easier than it really is. Just break, explode or destroy the damn thing at once! Okay, I'm being redundant.

Anyway, it's just not that easy, isn't it obvious? I mean, if it was, we'd have a bunch of responsible, enlightened, selfless and wonderful human beings embodying the ultimate state of absolute grace. Not so, huh.

Well, I'd just like to explore a bit of the reasons for this. First of all, we seem to be in a closed loop. We have a belief, whether conscious or subconscious and then we have the behavior that represents the belief. If we change the behavior without changing the belief, it's only a matter of time before we manifest it again. In some cases, we'll just manifest it in a different way, but it will be the same thing! For example, a person who feels they are a guilty sinner will go to church and then they'll change church for a reckless lifestyle. Seems to me like they're both the same exact damn thing, unless you have your head in the sand!

The other way is changing the belief but keeping on with the same behavior, so now I'm not a guilty sinner, but I still live a reckless life, because freedom to me means doing whatever the heck I feel like doing. Now you've supposedly gone from believing you're a guilty sinner to believing you are entitled to mess creation up (especially the creation that you are!). Here, again you are in a NEW closed loop.

In the end, it doesn't seem like it's a matter of belief or behavior -- it seems like it's a matter of truth. What IS the truth?

And THIS is what I have found to be most difficult "thing" to find within oneself. A true, earnest desire for TRUTH. I can count with one hand the amount of beings that I know have a true, ripened passion for truth. Well, maybe that's not true, maybe I don't personally know anyone that has a true and ripened passion for truth, except for myself, which you might say might be inclined to respond to by saying that I'm just being arrogant or presumptuous, but it's really just the truth.

In my experience, instead of people being ardently passionate about truth, they seem to ardently loathe it!

Can this passion for truth be manufactured? It seems like it's not possible. In fact, it's not possible. How could you "manufacture" a love for TRUTH? It's a contradiction, wouldn't you say?

BUT... you never know, maybe reading this could awaken something? Who knows? Anyway, I didn't come up with this, but some wise, wise dude long ago said "You will know the TRUTH and the TRUTH will set you FREE."

Good luck! To you and to me!!!

What Frustrates Us Most

What frustrates us most is not the other, it is actually our distorted perception of the other that leads to conflicting emotions. When we perceive in another (either an individual, a group of individuals, a government, a nation or a planet) something we have decided that we do not like, we begin to experience internal conflict.

This conflict is a gift. The fruit of this gift is the opportunity to become more aware and to continue opening our hearts.

When we feel that another is responsible for our suffering, we have innocently gone into a dangerous trance. It is then that we must remember that only our misinterpretation can lead us to such a conclusion. This is when we should pause and investigate our beliefs to see what actually is going on.

For many of us this is a very difficult step. It can be so difficult that we might go into denial in order to avoid facing the difficulty of being fully responsible for our emotional state.

I have been frustrated for several years with my mother and my father. I have been persistently crafty in organizing a story where I am the victim of their ignorance. Every time I fall for this self-created illusion the only thing that ensues is psycho-emotional suffering. Such suffering is the precise alarm that reminds me to wake up and notice that I am out of balance and out of alignment with reality.

The truth is that all conflict and all peace exist within ourselves. The outside world is nothing less than our opportunity to discover the difference between what leads to peace and what leads to conflict. It all depends on our relationship with existence. Every time there is opposition, conflict occurs. Every time there is surrender, peace shines forth.

I am very aware that many of us may have a deep mistrust in surrender. We might be inclined to believe that unconditional surrender leads us to becoming a bunch of useless morons. If this turns out being the case for you, then true surrender has not happened. When one is disabled, it is due to opposition, not to surrender. When we fully surrender, we are totally empowered in the highest sense of the word. When we have truly surrendered we are flowing along with the Whole.

I invite you to explore the implications of total surrender -- as a hint, I can tell you that the evidence that you have truly surrendered is that you realize peace and gratitude, thus the vital energies flow easily through you (thereby empowering you). When you truly surrender... you are happy.

Lo Que Más Nos Frustra

Lo que más nos frustra no es el otro, es nuestra percepción acompañada de emociones conflictivas. Cuando percibimos en otro (ya sea un individuo, un grupo de individuos, un gobierno, una nación o un planeta) algo que hemos concluido que nos desagrada, comenzamos a sentir conflicto interno.

Este conflicto es un regalo. El fruto de este regalo es que nos da la oportunidad de hacernos más conscientes y abrir nuestros corazones aún más.

Cuando sentimos que otro es responsable de nuestro sufrimiento, hemos inocentemente caido bajo un trance peligroso. Es entonces cuando debemos recordar que sólo nuestra interpretación errada nos puede llevar a tal conclusión. Es entonces cuando debemos de pausar e investigar nuestras creencias a ver que es lo que verdaderamente está pasando.

Para muchos de nosotros esto es algo muy difícil. Puede ser tan difícil que hasta podríamos llegar a negar la realidad con el propósito de no enfrentar la dificultad que el ser completamente responsable pueda presentar.

He durado varios años frustrado con mi madre y con mi padre. Me he encargado de organizar un cuento en donde yo soy la víctima de su ignorancia. Cada vez que entro en el profundo trance psico-emocional sufro bastante. Es precisamente el sufrimiento que me indica que estoy fuera de balance, fuera de la alineación consciente con la realidad.

La verdad es que todo conflicto y toda paz existe dentro de nosotros mismos. Lo externo es simplemente una oportunidad para descubrir la diferencia entre la paz y el conflicto. Todo depende de nuestra relación. Cada vez que hay oposición ocurre el conflicto. Cada vez que hay entrega ocurre la paz.

Estoy muy consciente de que muchos de nosotros podemos pensar que la entrega incondicional nos convertiría en una partida de inútiles. Si ese es el caso, entonces no es entrega lo que ha ocurrido, cuando hay deshabilitación, hay oposición. Cuando hay entrega estamos empoderados en el máximo sentido de la palabra. Estamos fluyendo con el Todo.

Te invito a que investigues las implicaciones de la entrega total -- la evidencia de que te has entregado de verdad es la paz, la gratitud y la energía vital fluyendo con facilidad. Cuando estás verdaderamente entregado... eres feliz.

El Modus Operandi Del Hombre Actual

Es gracioso como los seres humanos bajo el trance del ego funcionamos -- nuestro sistema parece estar programado a creer fielmente en la promesa de que el futuro será mejor que el presente. Particularmente, creo que esta es una de las idiosincrasias humanas más interesantes. A mi entender, esta es una de las ilusiones más persistentes y potencialmente nocivas en la tierra.

Analicemos juntos la dinámica de esta creencia profunda. La creencia consiste en algo sencillo: "Ahora mismo las cosas no están suficientemente bien, pero en el futuro la situación estará mucho mejor." A esto le llamamos "esperanza."

Para tratar de ayudar al proceso que nos conducirá a un futuro "mejor," estudiamos, trabajamos y hacemos varios esfuerzos para producir el resultado deseado. Muy bien, esto es excelente. Pero, ¿cuáles son las limitaciones que pueden surgir de esta forma de operar? Bueno, sencillamente que el presente -- si no tenemos cuidado -- se convierte en algo que tiene menos valor que el supuesto futuro. El presente es sólo un medio que utilizamos para obtener un fin. El presente se puede comenzar a percibir como algo mediocre en comparación con el maravilloso futuro. Como podremos notar, esta es una situación que le abre paso fácil a los estados de desesperación, aburrimiento, ansiedad y a varias condiciones de inquietud.

¿Cómo podemos resolver este problema? Bueno, la solución parece ser obvia, lo que tenemos que hacer es alinearnos y mantenernos presentes, pero esto puede ser una tarea muy difícil para la mayoría de nosotros. Tendríamos que desprogramar y reprogramar el modus operandi al que la mayoría de humanos estamos habituados. Estamos acostumbrados a movernos en el mundo de esta manera que es tan común y apoyada por la sociedad (tanto así que es considerada benévola y fructífera). Al parecer ya tenemos nuestro subconsciente profundamente programado a perseguir el futuro y a menospreciar el presente.

Para comenzar a resolver el asunto, sugiero una práctica muy sencilla, pero que puede ser muy eficiente para algunos de nosotros. Aquí está:

1. Detente y date cuenta de la cantidad de años que has venido creyendo que un día las cosas van a estar "mejor," que un día vas a "llegar," que un día lo "lograrás."

2. Nota como esto todavía no ha ocurrido a pesar de que tienes varios años esperándolo. Nota como has vivido soñando con el "gran día," el "gran final," el "gran objetivo," la "gran fiesta," el "gran logro," la "gran demostración" por varios años. Date cuenta como este día no ha llegado.

3. Reconoce que este día nunca va a llegar.

4. Pausa y SIENTE los efectos de reconocer esta verdad. ¿Qué sientes?

Ves, siempre es ahora, entonces aunque logres o hayas logrado mil cosas, nunca llegará el futuro que persigues. ¿Entiendes?

¿Sientes alivio o te sientes desilusionado? Bueno, analicemos la palabra compuesta desilusión (des-ilusión)... la palabra implica que la ilusión se va de tu sistema. O sea, que lo ilusorio, lo falso se va de tu mente -- es como que despiertas de un sueño y descubres la realidad. ¿Podría haber felicidad en el presente? Para descubrirlo profundamente tendrás que estar dispuesto a desilusionarte totalmente. ¿Qué te parece?

He notado que cuando permitimos que la desilusión total nos ocurra, ocurre un cambio drástico en nuestro modus operandi. La atención se deposita más en el momento presente (en vez de un supuesto futuro). Ahora podemos encontrar lo que tanto anhelábamos en este instante y podemos trabajar para enriquecer el momento actual. Poco a poco vamos creando un "futuro" mejor. Con esta visión nos damos cuenta del sencillo hecho que siempre es, que siempre ha sido y que siempre será ¡AHORA!

"Un ser sin una onza esperanza no es un ser deprimido, es un ser que ha llegado."

The Obsession With The Dark

Call me a hypocrite, but I am obsessed with how obsessed with darkness and heaviness we are. We are obsessed with the “bad” news; our creative contributions can often be depressing, dark images, songs, poems and art in general. We just seem to completely dismiss the light. When we talk about something, it’s usually about the worst possible thing that happened; we are always talking about what gets us down, angry, upset and anything but light and zestful. It’s amazing!

Yeah, this note is more of the same, I get it… but sometimes you have to use a thorn to take out the thorn that got in your foot. Sometimes the antidote is the poison itself and that’s what this post is all about. I am so upset with how we reduce ourselves to poor, unworthy, hopeless victims. I am so upset at how we endlessly dwell on the dark and heavy side of life. I am not asking us to deny it either, that would just lead to a bunch of disconnected, immature morons, which would probably make matters worse. What I am saying is, can we keep our perspectives totally open? Can we include it all and not just focus on the heavy, gross bits? Can we expand our consciousness and awareness to include it all? Can we have it all?

I think we can, I know I have it all – the good, the bad, the so-so, the plain, the sophisticated, the everything, the nothing, the life, the death… all of it. What one can do, all can do. Do it! Let it ALL in! Come into alignment with the totality of what IS (notice I didn't say with what "should" be) – and MOVE.

La posibilidad de la iluminación espiritual

Sin saber la razón por la cual el espíritu de donde surge todo desea expresar este mensaje a través de mi, me lanzo como un amante desenfrenado a escribir esta nota especialmente para ti que te atreves a leerla.

El espíritu que reconoce estas palabras desea recordar la posibilidad de un despertar a la realidad fundamental de tu y mi verdadero ser. Somos lo mismo con aspectos distintos, con formas distintas. Todo es lo mismo con un disfraz diferente.

La iluminación espiritual es una posibilidad para todo el que la anhele profundamente. Según lo que he visto con esta mente y estas experiencias, muy pocas personas en mi entorno, muy pocas personas en el mundo le dan prioridad al descubrimiento de su verdadera naturaleza.

El humano que soy siente tristeza y dolor, siente desesperación e impotencia. Quiere que el mundo despierte. Quiere que nos demos cuenta de que todo es espíritu, todo es uno. El humano que soy está tremendamente adolorido por las experiencias vividas en un mundo inconsciente y ciego. Deseo expresar la posibilidad de la liberación de los sueños profundos que nos entorpecen y nos matan.

Puedes despertar, puedes salir de tus ilusiones, puedes descubrir tu verdadera esencia, puedes realizar tu verdadera naturaleza, puedes descubrir la verdad fundamental, puedes liberarte de tu mente, puedes despertar de ti mismo, puedes vivir conectado con la voluntad universal, puedes actuar desde un lugar completo. Puedes madurar completamente. Es tan simple como ser totalmente honesto contigo mismo, es tan simple como reconocer lo que ya es obvio, es tan simple como estar dispuesto a cambiar.

La madurez plena y la iluminación espiritual, en cuanto a lo que yo entiendo, son la misma cosa. Cuando permites que el proceso natural de madurez tome su trayecto libre, terminas siendo un iluminado. Me imagino que hay muchas abuelas iluminadas. Me imagino que hay cientos de miles de iluminados. La mayoría de nosotros ni sabemos que lo estamos. Sólo vemos lo que es y vivimos una vida libre, honesta, consciente, independiente, madura y responsable.

Ilumínate... puedes hacerlo, sólo necesitas el valor que muchos parecen no tener.


Cuando el tiempo deja de existir
Se cae el velo, estás aquí
En el acto simple de observar
Desapareces y sientes más

Los milagros que tanto buscaste
En un boom se revelan
No existe límite, no existe regla

Nada y todo tiene sentido
Encuentras el camino

Queda una línea

Almost 26

I have always enjoyed reflecting, contemplating, meditating, thinking, feeling and being. I've always enjoyed dreaming. I think about everything that happened right before this instant and everything is a dream. So much pain, so much joy. So much seeking, so much tranquility. My life has been wonderful. I have found everything that I've looked for, I have lived all the experiences that I've desired to live. Inside my being there is a powerful and deep shift happening. Gabriel is satisfied, complete, fulfilled. There is no ego dominating my existence.

It's ironic how the path seems to be about realizing one time after another that things move from a place a lot more encompassing and immense than oneself. I am not the one who controls things. It's such an epic, dramatic, revealing journey. Time after time an illusion of a goal gets created and time after time it collapses right before your eyes. Wise is he who learns and who recognizes the true universal dynamic.

The relief that I feel inside is the relief that a seeking soul, that has embodied thousands of times and finally finds what it was seeking, feels. The journey has been a tragicomedy. I almost feel that I remember my past lives. I feel the healing and relief in my soul. Doubts no longer exist. Sorrow is no longer strong enough to engulf me. I am detached and attached at the same time. The balance and harmony withing my soul are indescribable. The joy and celebration for having realized that this time around illusion is not going to keep me hostage, is unreal. I know that you understand exactly what I am saying. I know that there are thousands of souls transitioning into this new way of being.

I enjoy being alive, I feel content. I am a beautiful, mature man. I love myself unconditionally and I forgive myself without any boundaries. I am beautiful.

I have freed myself from the claws of the so many appearances that tend to have the ability to be so deceptive, I have freed myself of the temptation of the forces that conspire to blur consciousness. I have done my job as a being. I give myself the credit that I have yearned for others to give me. I have myself.

In this life I have lived so many lifetimes. I have been the worst of villains, I have been the worst of demons, I have been in many circles. I know who I am. I know why I am here. I know what it's all about.

There is only love, understanding and compassion. There is nothing in my head that ties me to samsara. I am awake and alive.

Life is so beautiful! You are so beautiful! I am so beautiful!

It is all one. There is nobody or nothing better or worse than anybody else. It is all included within what I am, within what you are!

I publicly congratulate myself and accept myself unconditionally as a divine being, as a wonderful being, as a real being.

Time To Say Thank You

I would like to put this out there into the universe; I would like to publish this. This is a public expression of my gratitude for the countless teachers that I’ve had through life. Every single human being that I’ve met has served as a magnificent teacher for me. Every single creation and even all of non-creation has also served as a magnificent teacher for me. If you know me, thank you. If you don’t know me, thank you. This is a universal thank you.

I would like to take this public expression of gratitude to especially thank the following teachers (in no particular order):

Dale Carnegie
Marino Bautista
Alejandro Vega
Javier Castillo
Laura Wallace-Rhodes
Carrie Culver
Phil Fabry
Milton Justice
Kathy Curtiss
Ryan McKinney
Mark Baxter
Scott Kiloby
Mike Snider
Larry Melton
John Scott
Kim Michaels
Jesse Nemitz
Brian Gilbertson
Leonard Jacobson
UG Krishnamurti
David Jones
Michael Mayer
Richard Kelly
Larry Brittain
Marc Miller
Eckhart Tolle
Samael Aun Weor
Deepak Chopra
Julia Cameron
Mark Blinderman
Jeannie Deva
Brett Manning
Seth Riggs
Ralph Waldo Emerson
Benjamin Smythe
Paul Weiner
Angela Rodriguez
Mildred Weiner
Liz Foley
David Mamet
Jesus Christ
Gautama Buddha
Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj
Andrew Cohen
Stephen Wingate
Jeffrey Allen
Breck Alan
Jeff Foster
Byron Katie
Lindsay Moran
Ricky Martin
Olga Jaquez
Luis Mariano Mercado
Loch Kelly
Greg Kalberer
Irine Pilavsky
Henry Frías
Gunther Gil
Leo Kiesen
Benjamin Weiner
Aaron Weiner
Fannette Guillen
Andres Weiner
Phil Bonnachi
Johnny Martinez
Susana Dominguez
Tom Venuto
Joey Atlas
Jeremy Likness
Adam Khan
Jed McKenna
Tony Parsons
Steven Harrison
Jennifer Cabrera
Grant Zabielski
Betsy Houvouras
Mia Romero
Josh Sacks
Stephan Bodian
Stuart Mooney Jr.
Joseph Sousa (Mokshananda)
Charlie Hayes
Julie Dittmar
Matt Kahn
Jon Bernie
Stephen Wolinsky
Marcelo Dotel
Matthew West
Maximo Rodriguez
Peter Brown
Clara Luz Almonte
Euny Park
Ryean Park
Jiddu Krishnamurti
Florian Schlosser
Michael Munson
Terence Mckenna

I believe that you have all played vital roles in the realization of the completion of my soul, and for that, I thank you from the depths of my being. I appreciate your support, love and guidance. THANK YOU.


It's more simple than healing
More simple than love
More simple than inspiration

It's more obvious than awareness
More humble than humility
More welcoming than the coziest welcome
More present than presence

It's simpler than a tear
Simpler than a smile
More real than reality
More clear than clarity

More constant than constancy
More reliable than reliability
More sublime than heaven
It's not graspable, it's not personal, it's not even beautiful
It's more enlightened than light itself

Way, way less than nothing
And here it is, for few to see

It's way more silent than silence itself
Are you quiet enough to see it?

It's brighter than light itself
A lot more empty than emptiness

It's not heaven, it's not hell
It's not in between
It's not shocking, it's not emotional, it's not impacting
It does melt the wickedest witches though
It's not water, water is too much
Have you found it yet?

Are you letting yourself be loved?

I know beyond any doubt that I am an extremely loving and caring beautiful guy. I know that there is no joy greater than loving. This is without question.

I suspect the same is probably true for you, although I can only guess this.

The thing is... most people do not ALLOW themselves to be loved! It's really a drag!

They respond to my love with doubt, uncertainty and tremendous insecurity. I guess it has to do with the collective conditioning. We are trained to distrust the love around us, it's almost ingrained in our nervous systems, tied into our survival instincts.

It took a while for me to notice this, but seriously, the only true goal and endeavor that I have ever had in my life is to unconditionally love everyone and everything. Most people don't allow me to! And that's not a big deal, I'm just writing this to bring it to YOUR awareness and notice that if you're asking for love on some level and rejecting it on another, then you've got some conflict to see through!

I know raccoons, chipmunks and squirrels run away from me when I want to show them some love, but they're not asking for it and they've got survival things wired into it. I know they're not really afraid of me or my love, they're just playing their part.

Many humans have this fight, flight or freeze response to love too without knowing it. Their biggest fear is exactly what they say they want most: LOVE.

Now, I am mature and grown enough to accept that everyone has a right to accept or reject whatever they want... but again, I just want to place a mirror on you to look at yourself and see if there are any disparities between what you say you want and what you actually want. Close the gap!

Be brave, allow yourself to be loved! If you don't, you will turn the other person off and they will go elsewhere in search of people who are actually brave enough to allow themselves to be loved!


I am grateful for being different, for being creative, for being bright, for being talented and for being passionate.

I am grateful for being good-looking, sensitive and intelligent.

I am grateful for having high standards.

I am grateful for being persistent.

I am grateful for being loving and compassionate.

I am grateful for having a wonderful family.

I am grateful for having wonderful friends.

I am grateful for being bisexual.

I am grateful for having a wide array of experience.

I am grateful for being a really special human being with a lot to give.

I am grateful for life, for love, for joy, for beauty.

I am grateful for being spiritual and conscious.

I am grateful for being really good at computers, for being a good reader and writer, for being an amazing, unique and special being who works really hard to improve his understanding.

I am grateful for being an absolute joy to be around, for being wonderful and sincere and honest and caring and loving and challenging.

I am grateful for what I am, I am grateful for life and living and all the rest.

I am grateful for grace.

I am grateful for being ready to truly, fully and consciously live without reservation. I am grateful for being fearless.

I am very grateful for being an artist, a wonderful singer and actor. I am grateful for being a great dancer and a great lover.

I am grateful for all I have. I just have gratitude, appreciation and love.

I am grateful to be alive.

I am grateful for knowing who I am. I am grateful for being free.

I am so grateful, I thank God, I thank the universe, I thank myself, I thank all. I am grateful.

The One Step

Reclaim you soul
Reclaim your Self
It's easy
What's hard is being out of touch
Being out of touch leads to great struggle and confusion
To great suffering and pain
Reclaim your Truth
Reclaim your Passion
Reclaim your Life
Get out of your head
Dig into your heart
Pierce into your Gut
Find out what you are
Find out who you are
Discover your Self
Recover your Self
Come back home
Come back into yourself
Connect and live
Make no excuses
Do it now

Thoughts I'd Like To Share

As far as I have come to see at my young age, there are two places to operate from... "all is well" or "all is not well." The first one is what I think the Bible refers to as the "Peace that surpasses ALL understanding," in this mode you respond to situations -- the second one -- all is not well, in my eyes is the core misunderstanding in the human condition, it is commonly known as conflict. In this mode, you react to situations.

Fully realizing that ALL IS WELL will not disempower you and make you a dummy, it will free you to respond to the situation as needed. It takes realizing it at the core of your being for it to mean anything though.

Another thing I want to share with those who care to read my words is that Peace and the IDEA of Peace are two completely different things. Peace is a state of full acceptance of what is... the idea of Peace, however is an excuse to not have to fully live up to this. The idea of Peace has little to no power... True Peace, however, IS power.

The Divine can manifest itself as a person who loves the IDEA of Peace, and that is fine and beautiful... but it does little or close to nothing for the world. It is the people who actually ARE Peace that make a silent, resonant impact.

This note isn't just meant to trigger an impression, my hope is that it will trigger a radical transformation in those who are brave and willing. Open your mind and your heart, only then can life rush in and flow through your open transparency. The worse that can happen is the end of inner conflict and division, which would mean massive planetary and universal healing. "As within, so without..." as I love to say all the time... it's all an inside job!

This is what's on my mind this evening. Maybe it's all for myself...

Life is a Matter of Heart

The creative, loving channels
Mind and Heart
Were once a balanced team

Shock happened
The Heart got spooked
And the door got shut

The heart wants to love
Wants to live
The mind wants to create
Wants to serve

Remember that day
When you concluded you couldn't 't take it anymore?
Look around you
It's a new day, a new time, a new dawn

Check if your heart can take it now
Open and test the waters
And if you get spooked again
Keep testing these new waters

Seek to be born again
Reclaim true fulfillment of open mind and open heart
You might just be able
To fulfill your mission of love this time around
Wake up, silly