Friday, August 19, 2011

The Embrace Of My Fortune

It is hard to accept oneself in a world that can be so reluctant to allowing nature to be what it is. I hereby embrace the fact that I was blessed with beauty - a beautiful face, beautiful hair, beautiful eyes, a beautiful nose, beautiful ears, beautiful lips, beautiful hands, beautiful arms, beautiful legs and a beautiful body in general. I am very blessed to have been born with a beauty that can easily be globally appreciated. I am grateful for being tall, handsome and healthy.

I hereby embrace, thank and accept my fortune of having a beautiful voice, a beautiful mind and a beautiful soul. I embrace my beautiful emotional body and I feel grateful for having a wonderful psychological structure and personality that allows me to embrace myself in every direction.

I embrace that I have a beautiful family, with a beautiful Dad and Mom and beautiful siblings. I have a beautiful set of people I know and am close with. I am grateful and acknowledge and embrace my friends.

I seriously feel like I got it all. I have a beautiful education and a beautiful mindset. I am healthy, realistic, mature and sincere. I appreciate and embrace and accept that I am honest and loving. I am beautifully caring and accepting.

On the material level I appreciate, recognize, accept and embrace that I live in a beautiful neighborhood, that I have a beautiful car.

I embrace, accept and feel proud of my career as a guide and teacher. I love my website and my videos and my writings and my expressions. I feel proud of who I am as a human and enjoy exploring my journey. I've had a beautiful journey and I accept myself on every level.

I recognize that I am an emotionally, financially and spiritually responsible being who is a gem and jewel in this world. I embrace my physical, mental, emotional and spiritual beauty completely and feel no shame or apology for it. I am blessed beyond belief.

I am proud of my hard work and am excited to enjoy the benefits of humility, compassion and true love. I embrace, accept and enjoy myself on every aspect and guilt, shame, pride and doubt are no longer part of my values. I value self-love and self-love only and I extend that outwards to those who can receive it.

I am in love.