Wednesday, April 27, 2011

We Worship The Impossible

Have you noticed how we humans worship the impossible?

We worship permanent happiness, which is an impossibility and simply doesn't exist and will never exist. Not even animals are always happy and they don't have the issues we have. Our dog Noah is fed, taken care of and has absolutely all of his physical needs met yet he still gets occasionally sad, angry, bored, tired, withdrawn, etc. He is for sure not ALWAYS happy.

We worship permanent beauty, which is an impossibility because everything is always changing. Our hair-do will eventually get messed up, our make-up will eventually wear off, our clothes will eventually get sweaty. The beautiful flower will eventually wither, the beautiful tree's leaves and flowers will eventually fall.

We worship permanent youth, this is why there's all this Botox and plastic surgery going around, this is why all these anti-wrinkle creams are out there, this is why most of us experience a severe mid-life crises. We don't want to age, we want to be permanently young. We've all heard those stories about the Egyptians and those tales about people wanting to hold on to permanent youth. We refuse to accept that EVERYTHING is temporary.

We worship the permanent relationship, this is why there are so many shitty relationships gripping on. We are stubborn and we like to think that things are forever. We are afraid of what others will say if a break-up happens. "But I thought they were going to make it." This is why there are these notions of "the one" and "twin soul" and the "half orange." This is where all these songs of "I can't live without you" or "I can't stop thinking about how things were," etc. come from.

We worship permanent ease. As soon as things get hard we lose it. If we are driving down a stretch of smooth road we're chill and quiet because it's easy, but then as soon as a patch of traffic hit we go "Shit!" As if to say, ease and smoothness is supposed to always be the case.

Because we worship permanence we spend a lot of time missing our youth, missing the past, in nostalgia, wishing things were back, wishing we could go back, wishing to be young again, etc. Wishing for things to not change. Many of us aren't grateful of change, we just want to go back and we live thinking about how things used to be. Many of us are obsessed with the past and how much "better" it was. This comes from the worship of permanence.

Why is this?

Well, if you ask me, this is all due to our collective illusions and delusions of PERFECTION. We are literally taught and trained that there is such a thing as perfection and permanent happiness. We are literally taught that there is such a thing as permanence and guarantees in life. We are taught that there is such a thing as "ALWAYS, FOREVER, EVERY TIME, NEVER, ETC." These words, whether we realize or not are so extreme that they could only really be used for universal principles.

When we have not matured and awoken to the truth we think that reality is supposed to be what we hope or expect it to be, we walk around with IDEAS of what things SHOULD be like, and when these ideals aren't being met, we go nuts! We start to get angry, depressed, bored, tired, unhappy and miserable. Let's face it, there is no such thing as permanence.

No, you and I will never manage to always be happy. There is no such thing. You will not always be smiling, there will always be something to keep you on your toes. It's sad how spoiled we are and how entrained we are to believe that everything is supposed to go our way. It's NEVER going to happen. Life will ALWAYS have something to remind you that you will FOREVER have to deal with the ups and downs of reality and EVERY TIME this happens you will have the choice to accept or to argue, except you will NEVER win.

The impossible isn't possible and it's impossible to always get what you want!

Wake up! Stop worshiping the impossible... it's a fantasy!

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