Wednesday, July 1, 2015

What Happened When I Quit

We're seldom, if ever, taught about the benefits of NOT doing something. My experience is that we're often taught in a way that goes more like this: do more of this and you'll get that. It works out for commerce, it works out for capitalism, it works out for the economy.

When was the last time you heard do less of this, refrain yourself from doing that? In church, you say? Yes - but you heard it in a context mired with guilt and shame. All from a fear-based standpoint - not from a loving place. Kind of reminds you of your parents - doesn't it? Haha.

All joking aside, the whole point of this entry is for me to share a bit of what happened when I abstained/quit/refrained/diminished/eliminated the following behaviors.

What happened months after I quit (after the horrible withdrawal)...

Smoking cigarettes - food tasted better, my breathing and breath improved. My skin smelled and looked better, I felt less depressed and more connected and alive.

Sugar - food tasted better, life became more enjoyable and colorful. I became more present and aware of my feelings and emotions. I would get satisfied more quickly with food.

Social media - life became more "real." I became more real. I no longer had a "hungry ghost" feeling about me. My spiritual practice became richer, deeper and fuller. I started to connect more with people. I felt more alive, energetic, passionate and skilled in practical matters. All areas of my life improved. I was no longer "half" there. I became a better friend, brother, son and teacher. I had more time for what I love.

Porn - my sex life with mi fiancé became richer and more intimate. After about two months masturbation became richer, a more connected and healing and spiritual self-loving experience.

Worrying - way less stress, way more enjoyment, better life.

More on all of this later :-) Bye for now.

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