Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Why We Need Guides

If we're honest and quiet down a bit, it's not so hard to see that life is very, very simple. Sure, this is a seeing that can easily be lost in a world that has gotten increasingly influenced by a variety of imposed conflicting ideas and structures.

Take for example what I just wrote, if you're simple and quiet you will not be wondering what I just wrote meant, it's not even a matter of being smart or bright or special, it's a matter of being relaxed and at ease.

To aid in restoring this ease and relaxation most of us will need guidance. Life is ultimately about balance and as we know, it is easy to lose our balance thanks to the complexity of all the influences out there. One religion is not enough, we have hundreds, one diet is not enough, we have hundreds, one lifestyle is not enough, we have hundreds, one country is not enough, we have hundreds, one language is not enough, we have hundreds, one world-view is not enough, we have hundreds, one political party is not enough, we have hundreds, one society is not enough, we have hundreds.

Now don't jump to conclusions, I am not a communist, as far as I am concerned this variety is both inevitable and necessary. It is also what makes life so rich and wonderful. The problem comes in when there is conflict. Diversity is never a problem, conflict always is. It's okay to have different languages, cultures and countries -- as long as there is no conflict between them.

The whole point of a guide is to gently take you back to the simplicity of life so that you can become aware and grounded in the common source of all things. This way, you can see what is the same within what is different leading to a natural and spontaneous dropping of the conflict within your confused and conflicted system.

Once your system isn't confused anymore you are free to be what you are without conflict, without competition and without fear. Once this is accomplished, you can really start unleashing your true potential as a human being in whatever areas you are drawn to excel at. Since balance is restored, your life will be efficient and highly productive in the real sense. All the false sense of ability or false sense of accomplishment will disappear and you will switch from just survival mode, to survival and living mode.

For that, we need guidance. Why? Because we have been thrown a million different things from a million different perspectives and we have been exposed to apparently contradictory information and advice and we have been pushed and pulled and thrown out of balance in general. And just like our imbalance came from a bunch of differing and complex external guides, we need clear and simple external guides to help us regain our balance and find our way again.

Chances are it will take a lot more than one guide to guide us back, it will takes us many -- and if you know what to look for, you can learn from anyone or anything how to find your balance again and find your way back to clarity and simplicity. All we need is to be tired of confusion and conflict and develop a genuine intention to get clear and free -- after that, the guides come all by themselves... and we need them!

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