Wednesday, December 8, 2010

THANK YOU: more and more and more gratitude

A Multidimensional Thank You from the bottom, the middle and the top of my Whole Heart:

To God - for being the Almighty, the Highest. For being everywhere at all times, for being unconditional, infinite and eternal with all Your love. For being humble, fierce and the most amazing and unconditionally loving Mystery. Wow!

To my Higher Self - for being able to recognize what really is important, for being there every instant of my existence, for being so bright, creative, bold, brave, intelligent, fresh, strong and radical. For never giving up, for never settling for less than the whole truth, for not allowing me to be at peace until I get it, for being my greatest teacher, my greatest sword.

To Mami - for giving birth to me and being crazy and wonderful, for breastfeeding me, bathing me, changing my diapers, clothing me and putting up with my incessant physical, emotional and mental hunger!

To Dad
- for financially supporting me, for caring for me, for loving me. For never giving up on me and for continuing to love me.

To Fabie
- for being so beautiful and sweet and strong, for inspiring me without intending to.

To Benji
- for being my older brother and playing that part so well. For growing with me and for trusting me.

To Aaron - for being such a wonderful young brother who would follow me anywhere I would go. For trusting me so much, for always being beside me, for challenging me and being so damn cool.

To Andre - for being so tough and sweet, for challenging my understanding, for the willingness to argue and test my limits, for being so damn smart and strong. I love you.

To Marcelo
- for being a great mirror for me to look at myself into, for coming at a perfect time in my life and for supporting me and listening to me more than I thought was possible. For believing in me. I love you.

To Dusty - for being a real woman, for being relentless in your care for me, for nourishing me on all levels, for being a timeless friend.

To Titi - for being the best friend anybody could ever ask for, for having such an amazing soul, for having so much spark, zest, strength and wonder.

To Irine - for being the greatest pen pal ever, for having so much to offer, for teaching me so much.

To Noah - for being such a cool dog.

To Mark - for being mature, gentle, honest, helpful and challenging.

To Adya
- for being so real, so true, so natural, so awake, so good.

To All People - for making the world such an interesting place, for challenging my understanding, for motivating me to grow, for pushing me into grace and gratitude.

I am eternally grateful and feel eternally graced. I feel grateful for anyone who reads this and anyone who doesn't. I have accomplished my mission of understanding the basics and look forward to deepen into this understanding. No one is out of my list of gratitude, for all have directly or indirectly contributed to my growth.

Thank You! -- I Love You!

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