Friday, January 14, 2011

What 99.9% of us (including me) don't realize

"Reality" is not necessarily what you and I think it is. The way to prove this is to take ten different people and ask each one of them what reality is -- take for example asking someone what the best car is... someone will say "They're all the same they have four wheels," another will say "BMW's," another one will say "Toyota's," another will say "Mercedes Benz," another will say "That's a stupid question," another will say "It's subjective"... you get the idea, for each of these individuals "reality" is whatever they think it is... the person that thinks it's "subjective" will argue with the guy that swears up and down that it's "BMW" -- the guy with the "subjective" argument will have tons of intelligent, coherent and sense-making evidence to prove his point, just as the guy that said "BMW" will have tons of intelligent, coherent and sense-making evidence to prove his.

To go on with examples, take an artist... some think the best singer in the world was Frank Sinatra, others would say that he wasn't even closer to being the best singer. I used to think Ricky Martin was the best singer in the world, while my best friend would think that he sucked ass. Now, to get even close let's take our opinions of the people around us, some may think that John Doe is a wonderful guy with a great sense of humor, while others may think he is a conceited asshole with no tact. Who's right and who's wrong?

The interesting and tricky thing about perception is that it can change within oneself many, many times. The guy we think is a saint today may seem like the devil the day after. "Wow, I really think that man you introduced me to is educated and wonderful," and a week later the same person may say "That guy you introduced me to that day is a total moron, did you see how he spoke to her?"

Most of us don't know this, but our perception is playing a game with all of us. We would never want to believe this, and of course, this is an article being written by MY PERCEPTION so I could be wrong or right at any given moment depending on the individual and the situation. It is my opinion that there is a .1% of the population that can view things clearly, and it is my opinion that anyone who is passionately interested in perceiving THE TRUTH OF REALITY can cross over to the side of accurate perception. Does that mean that you will be better than others? Absolutely not... it will mean that you know that you DON'T KNOW ANYTHING because you CAN'T KNOW ANYTHING. The people who are in this .1% don't know more than you and me, they know LESS. They don't know what the "right" religion is, they don't know what the "right" fashion is, they don't know what the "truth" is... they know that the individual human mind does NOT have the ability to "KNOW THE TRUTH" of ANYTHING.

Most of us walk around believing that we know who the other is, who God is, what the "right" religion is, what people "should be like," how things actually are. Most of us would deny the possibility of not being absolutely correct about our shallow and deep views. Most of us think that it is not possible that we are wrong about our deep beliefs. Most of us would never even consider that our point of view is relative. Most of us are just looking to be right about everything we believe and we find "proof" anywhere we please. We make ideas in our heads about someone else or some subject and then we wait and collect all the "evidence" that proves that we are "right."

I will write from my perspective -- most of us are not aware of how delusional we can be. Most of us are CONVINCED that we KNOW THE TRUTH and that is simply not the case.

I personally think that a good solution for this is understanding that it is okay to have our individual beliefs and points of view, but to not actually believe that we are exclusively right and that we know better than everyone else. To see oneself as an individual with individual points of view and opinions, which are totally fine, as long as we are not ABSOLUTE about them. When we think that what we believe is the only correct way to see things, that is violence. Others are entitled to their perspectives and remaining open and receptive is the only way to truly be healthy.

If you find yourself saying things like "That's enough, this is stupid, yeah right, you're wrong" or being passive aggressive and sarcastic and not giving others the benefit of the doubt or give them a chance to clarify their points, that means your mind is closed and obviously so is your heart. If you are taking this note personally, that also means that you are concluding that this note must be exclusively about you and you may even be feeling attacked, but you might be wrong... the subject says 99.9% including me!

So we're in this together brothers and sisters... now let's get to life!

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