Friday, January 13, 2012

Wake Up (Not Spiritually)

Everybody is already spiritually awake, that's more than clear to me. Everybody is enlightened, alive, awake and pure. That's how I see it. Where people are dreaming and sleeping is in their minds and emotions. Most of us are dreaming of fame, fortune, soul-mates, vacation, perfection, freedom, beauty, love, compassion, peace, heaven, wonder, etc.

Spiritual people especially, people prone to chalking things up to God and having beautiful sayings like "everything happens for a reason," "God will provide," "God's timing," etc. are especially guilty of this.

If you find yourself constantly thinking about the past and how much better or worse it was/could have been/should have been, and/or about the future about how much better or worse it will/could/should be. You are dreaming. If you say things like "I can't wait" excessively and find yourself asking a lot of "Why did that happen that way?" a lot and have thoughts of revenge or are a hope junkie, you are dreaming. If you find the word "hope" to be one of your favorite, you are a dreamer. And sure, Obama used it in the title of that book... but it's all because he knew who he was talking to, people who above all value the American DREAM. (Again, wake up.)

If you are stuck in a notion of "love" similar to the one in the movies you grew up watching, if you are prone to saying and believing saying like "Love conquers all," "All you need is love," "Love will save the day." You are dreaming. If you're constantly thinking about a relationship that ended or are constantly thinking about the relationship mistakes you or your lover make or made, you are dreaming.

The root of most of these dreams is a low self-esteem, low confidence and a really crappy financial life. Financial illiteracy and inverted priorities are the number one reason for being stuck in childish dreams. If how nice your clothes are is more important to you than how organized and clean your room is, you will suffer. If going on vacation is more important than going to the dentist, you will suffer. If going to that concert is more important than paying your electric bill on time, you will suffer. If going to Disney is more important than getting much needed psychotherapy, you will suffer. If going to a party is more important than studying for your next work assignment that requires preparation, you will suffer. If relationship problems are more important than financial problems, you will suffer. If getting hair gel is more important than changing the oil in your car, you will suffer. If buying clothes you don't need is more important that buying groceries, you will suffer. If getting yourself a new computer is more important than helping your struggling mom or dad with a financial issue, you will suffer.

Kids think "me first" - Adults think "my health, my responsibilities, my bank, my bills, my landlord" first.

Kids think "me first" - Adults think "my partner, my children, my house, my family, my friends" first.

DO NOT MISUNDERSTAND. What "me" means at childhood is everything that is within my skin, in other words just what I want, what my body wants, what I want to feel.

To an adult, ME grows. Me doesn't become you and what you want to feel, me becomes your surroundings and the things you need to address, the things that need your attention beyond your physical self. An adult becomes a big self and a kid is a small, individual contracted self. So yes, in reality you should ALWAYS go first, but you must understand that who YOU are is constantly changing. As a child you are just your little body and feelings... seemingly. That's all your limited perception can afford, but as an adult you realize that the ground you are standing on, your FOUNDATION is way greater than just your body and mind. So you start CARING for your WHOLE self and not just yourself. This is growing up... and I think we should raise more awareness on this, because sadly what is happening is that we are getting lost because we don't understand.

There is a chance you don't REALLY understand what I mean by any of this, because writing is limited and so is perceiving -- so do not make the mistake of being sure you understand what I mean. If you want clarification, ask while I am alive and available to answer - do not jump to conclusions. I may mean something totally different than what you THINK I mean. Ultimately I am talking about maturity, responsibility and control.

If you are curious and have questions - I am here to answer. If not, congratulations on having it together or I hope you learn this stuff in your path, sooner rather than later. The world doesn't seem to be able to afford many more adult children... it's very destructive. Good luck!

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