Sunday, January 15, 2012

YOU Are Rich!

I don't know what your definition of rich is, but I certainly know mine. From my view if you have a Facebook account and can access it as often as you want, that's enough proof for me that you are rich. If you go to the bathroom in a toilet that you can count will work when you flush it, you are rich. If you drive a car, shop at the mall, go to the movies, eat out, have a cellphone, TV, silverware, food in the fridge, more than two pairs of shoes, a variety of clothing, if you can afford to travel, if you can eat when you are hungry, if you have options that exceed your need for mere survival, to me, you are rich.

The reason why I feel and know myself to be rich is because I have way, way, way, way, way, way more than what a "poor" person has. To me, if you are not poor (go days being hungry, no decent living standards - such as decent shelter, clothing, food, options) then chances are you are rich.

There are so many rich people with poor mindsets, so many rich people who don't even notice it, people who would laugh if someone else called them rich. The reason why I know I'm FILTHY RICH is because I've seen and experienced many DIRT POOR people. By contrast, I am a drowning in an overabundance of wealth.

I've lived next to people who didn't have a TV, fridge or even a floor! Their shower was an old beat-up hose that was connected to some neighbors water supply. They didn't know what owning a bicycle was, let alone a car. I have seen poverty, people who have to gather logs and light them up while they put whatever food they can find in a can and throw it on the fire while they cough from the smoke the logs create. I have seen people having to take a dump in a hole in the ground. I have seen people having to go days without eating a decent meal, I have seen children whose only nourishment is sugared water because there isn't enough money to buy them a slice of bread.

I AM RICH! And if you are reading this SO ARE YOU! The fact that you have gone decades without noticing doesn't take away the fact that you are. People who have choices to throw a cute outfit together are rich, period. Have you ever gone by a river and smacked your garments on a rock to wash them? Or do you just go to your finished basement and throw your clothes in a washing machine? If you don't know poverty you don't know richness.

We live in a culture of spoiled morons who make 40K a year and are single and they consider themselves anything but rich. Why because you're not Oprah Winfrey? Wake the up and smell the coffee... the coffee your machine makes for you, not the coffee you have to gather, dry, mash and put through your husbands old sock so you can have a drink of it. YOU ARE RICH AND SO AM I and that's the end of the story. Wake up.

As long as it is true that in this world there are MILLIONS of people who have NEVER owned and will never own a TV, a car, a cellphone, a computer, etc. in their lifetime and you and I do... suck it up brat, we're rich. Donald Trump and Oprah are billionaires but that doesn't remove the fact that you and I are rich. God, we're spoiled!

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