Friday, January 13, 2012

Who Would I Be Without Myself?

Without the sagelike silence of my own soul
Who would I be?
Without the impartial voice of pure consciousness
What would be of me?

A conformist, I never could be
My inner voice speaks too loudly
Unique and authentic
Only the voice of my heart
The light that I am grows

Each time I hear it
I seek nothing
For I lack nothing
This, my voice knows

Without my voice I'd have to depend on foreign voices
I would have to use songs and feelings that I did not write or feel
I would have to depend on advice of beings that most likely failed

No one knows more than I what I'm here for
No one knows more than I what I want
No one knows more than I who I am
Not my mother, not my father - they don't touch my own essence

No one knows exactly what I need to hear as I do
No one is more enlightened for my own life than I am

The same applies to you
If you have the courage to realize

Children need authority
Adults don't

Free yourself and write your own songs
Stop borrowing feelings from others
Create your own life
Do not use others to create it for you

Create your own religion
Just like the great ones did
Create your own genre
Your own book

Stop borrowing already
Live your life from your heart

After all...
Who would you be without yourself?
... Absolutely nobody

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