Friday, September 10, 2010

The Change of Season

We mortals are part of all that's transient
All form moves to the beat of the same drum
There isn't a single manifestation that isn't affected by the swings of totality
There is no such thing as structural stability

A flower withers when the season doesn't favor it
A dog sheds its coat when it becomes obsolete
The wardrobe suffers changes
And hibernation and migration take place

It's wonderful to be conscious
And see the cosmic shifts
Experience all the cycles
And see the falling leaves

Transformation isn't always pleasant
Neither is life
But a being that's in alignment
Can experience depth and truth

As the shells start to collapse
In response to a season's change
Reality starts to break in
And triumph once again

The fearlessness of falling
Starts to dawn within the brave
As those who are frightened harden
And hold on to their shell

My shell is way too broken
My heart is way too open
My trust is too enormous
I see the light again

Slice me
Dice me
Cut through me
For I am fearless and transparent

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