Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spiritual Evolution

It is funny how things can often be totally backwards from what we are taught they are. We are taught to believe that progress and virtue are things that we gain and accomplish through effort and accumulation.

This, if you think about it deeply, cannot be true. We are naturally virtuous and successful. The mere fact that we exist is perfect proof of this. The mere fact that we are alive and donned with a body, a mind and a soul are proof that we are already highly accomplished and highly virtuous and graced.

To realize this fully, one has to stop. Stopping in our culture isn't seen as something noble... our culture teaches us to accumulate and to keep the "fight" up.

The confusion and angst that goes through a being that has been stopped simply because he or she is too spiritually mature to keep the false game of pursuing happening can be agonizing. All sorts of symptoms can come out of this... depression, psychotic breaks, panic attacks, anxiety, fear, among many others.

Sadly, since our culture doesn't understand this, these poor souls are often diagnosed, judged and pressured even more. Not only does the pressure come from the outer voices, but also from the most persistent of all, the voice in our own head that came from outer culture itself. These conditioned voices are usually so wrong about everything, that it is really a shame that we ever believed or continue to believe them.

For those of you who know or sense what I am talking about, relax. There is nothing wrong with you, nothing has gone wrong. What is happening is simply that the old mental models that used to function for you (if they ever did) are no longer functioning. Your body is rejecting these inadequate ideals in an attempt to reharmonize with truly connected functioning.

This process is usually anything but pleasurable because there are generations of conditioning living within you that are being cleared out through your system. You have no idea how lucky you are to be experiencing this.

Think of yourself as a chosen one who has been chosen to release all the generations that came before you. In time, with love and patience, you will bring to the world something new and fresh... you won't be a repeat. You will be a new, authentic and connected being. The price to pay for this gift isn't low... you will have to put up with a lot. You will be misunderstood, you will be feared, you will be questioned and you will be labeled many negative things. The price will be worth it though because what will be born through you is a lot more precious and valuable than anything that has ever happened before. It will be the new consciousness, it will be unlike anything that has ever or will ever exist.

Don't be afraid, it's a very simple happening. Things will start to fall in place mysteriously and you will start to appreciate yourself again. It really helps to be nice and understanding with yourself and others along the process, of course this will be very difficult because it goes against our generational habits of intolerance and lack of understanding.

A suggestion of mine is to remember that everything happens for a reason, you are the way you are for many reasons and others are the way they are for many reasons... there are usually so many reasons that one can never know the complete answer. Usually we are intolerant of ourselves and others because we haven't been fully in touch with the essence of our beings. That is okay though; there is no judgment or blame in that. The toughest thing to do is to ease up on oneself and others... but even though this can be very, very tough... it must be done, otherwise you'll just suffer.

Understanding is a vital key to allowing the birthing of your new self to unfold. It is not easy, but it is possible. Get enlightened.

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