Tuesday, September 7, 2010

What A Mature Person Knows

A mature man or woman knows that we are all unique individuals with different personalities, conditioning, inclinations and preferences. A mature person knows that we all come from the same source but acquire different traits along the way. A mature person remembers that we are all made of flesh and bone and that we are basically all the same while at the same time recognizing that we are all completely different and unique.

A mature person is never trying to convince or impose his or her views onto anyone else because there is no need for it. A mature person is non-judgmental and is never violent.

A mature person understands that violence can be as simple as disrespecting or ridiculing and/or mocking someone else.

A mature person isn't looking to be agreed with or understood on any level, because a mature person understands him or herself -- therefore he or she has no need to seek understanding or agreement.

A mature person knows that he or she is not perfect nor needs to be, for perfection is an illusion that can be defined in many incorrect ways. A mature person knows that there is perfection in imperfection and a mature person forgives imperfection because one of the biggest traits of a mature person is that he or she has completely stopped expecting such a thing.

A mature person doesn't believe in images or in idols or ideals. A mature person doesn't believe anything because a mature person knows that it is not necessary to believe in something for that something to be true.

There is no need to believe that you have fingers to KNOW that you have fingers. A mature person never settles for a belief and always strives for KNOWING.

In the end, a mature person realizes and becomes extremely satisfied and comfortable with the fact that it is impossible to know anything because the essence of truth is unknown and mysterious.

A mature person doesn't look for anything... a mature person rides the wave. There is no seeking, striving, yearning, searching, longing, pulling, desiring, pushing, rejecting, sucking, running, avoiding, nothing. A mature person is present and lastly a mature person doesn't get upset when he or she doesn't understand or agree with something... a mature person isn't bothered by paradox or "contradictions" -- for a mature person is clear.

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