Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Giving Life To Space

It is so beautiful to take a square of a blank note and decorate it with a living creation. Before there was any text in this white box there was simply a beautiful white nothing. The reason for creation is pure celebration and joy. This is why God created the Universe. Sitting there for a trillion years staring at the pure potential of emptiness, there had to come a day where the creative capabilities had to be expressed. Had God never said "Let there be light" there wouldn't have been extended opportunities for little mortals like myself to take a blank page or a silent voice and turn it into a song that could be recorded onto a medium.

Now that the silent potential has taken on the form of a sad song, the creative gift can be shared with those who have an empty slot waiting to be filled.

The polishing of one's creative abilities gives rise to a confidence beyond what one imagined possible. The whole world is left behind and one discovers one's innate power and passion. When we connect with what we truly desire and see through all the conflicts that stand in the way of passionate creation, we slowly start to sense an immense power that pulls us towards our calling. At this point all sorts of fears get triggered: "Am I ready?" and a bunch of "What ifs?" stand in the way.

Others on their way look at you and have no clue of what you are going through, usually you are coming out of a desert that nobody will allow themselves to experience... but there comes a point where others disappear and you stand in your great aloneness. You are faced with making the decision to shed your caterpillar suit and blossom into the beautiful butterfly that you were always destined to become. The terror and panic triggered by the death of the body that has been so familiar starts to become sparkling excitement.

You become more and more maturely excited about your opportunity to give life to space. You will now take potential and shape it in the form of your deepest intentions. You will become a co-creator with God and will you discover what true life enjoyment is all about.

Sense the light and joy and give life to space, creation is what life is all about. Shine your light -- it is your destiny!

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