Sunday, July 25, 2010

Thoughts I'd Like To Share

As far as I have come to see at my young age, there are two places to operate from... "all is well" or "all is not well." The first one is what I think the Bible refers to as the "Peace that surpasses ALL understanding," in this mode you respond to situations -- the second one -- all is not well, in my eyes is the core misunderstanding in the human condition, it is commonly known as conflict. In this mode, you react to situations.

Fully realizing that ALL IS WELL will not disempower you and make you a dummy, it will free you to respond to the situation as needed. It takes realizing it at the core of your being for it to mean anything though.

Another thing I want to share with those who care to read my words is that Peace and the IDEA of Peace are two completely different things. Peace is a state of full acceptance of what is... the idea of Peace, however is an excuse to not have to fully live up to this. The idea of Peace has little to no power... True Peace, however, IS power.

The Divine can manifest itself as a person who loves the IDEA of Peace, and that is fine and beautiful... but it does little or close to nothing for the world. It is the people who actually ARE Peace that make a silent, resonant impact.

This note isn't just meant to trigger an impression, my hope is that it will trigger a radical transformation in those who are brave and willing. Open your mind and your heart, only then can life rush in and flow through your open transparency. The worse that can happen is the end of inner conflict and division, which would mean massive planetary and universal healing. "As within, so without..." as I love to say all the time... it's all an inside job!

This is what's on my mind this evening. Maybe it's all for myself...

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