Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Key To Liberation

In our mostly insane world, one of the first things many of us are taught is how we are a huge problem, some of us cry too much, want too much and need too much – when we are babies, that is. The first transmission many of us get from our innocently ignorant parents is that we are a huge problem. We are a huge burden. “Ugh, I have to deal with this little devil again? When will it be over?”

Okay, so maybe you were lucky enough to skip the crappy parents, but what about cultural and religious conditioning? In our society, matters can get pretty intense as well, we are taught that we need to “improve,” that we need to study, that we need to lose weight, look good, be rich and become famous. In church (and even outside of it) we are taught that we are evil, dirty sinners that have an “original” dirty sin and an originally black and vile heart. You may think I am exaggerating but if you delve into the religious conditioning systems you will see that the point is to make you feel completely worthless, inferior and guilty.

Add this to the crazy people you bump into along the way, people who are constantly criticizing you, making fun of you and trying to make you feel like you are bad. This is especially true for the people you are closest to! Isn’t it funny how strangers are usually sweeter, more accepting and more loving than our family and friends? Don’t worry, if you become friends with a stranger (or start a romantic relationship with one, for that matter), it won’t be long until he or she feels entitled to start belittling you in some way or another.

The people closest to us are the ones who feel most entitled to make us feel like junk. I think this is mind blowing! Have you noticed? As a teacher and as an outgoing person, I have brief encounters with people constantly, the people that I meet for the first time are the nicest, most supportive, encouraging, loving, understanding and endearing people. I bet their close friends and family don’t see them that way (and if they do, I bet they don’t let them know directly.)

Anyway, the points are – things don't have to be this way because the truth is that you are not originally a sinner regardless of who you are, you are not lazy, you are not selfish, you are not evil, you are not stupid, you are not dumb, you are not wrong, you are not bad. You’re just a human being just like all the people who came up with these outrageous ideas. It was certainly not God who came up with any of these destructive, insensitive, manipulative and damaging notions. God created all there is and God is love. God really loves you and God would really love to see you come into alignment with His love and join Him in the Self-Love party.

The key to salvation is Self-Love – that’s the secret – and you know what? It doesn’t matter what you’ve done or who you are, if you can pull True Self-Love off, you are saved. Take it from me, I know. ;-)

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