Sunday, July 25, 2010

What I Keep Discovering

The more I experience the world, the more I realize that it is a lie that I hate it. I love the world and the way it is. It is amazing how adulthood tends to become the doorway into a delusional insanity that can makes us feel incredibly disgusted at the gift of life. I love to observe children, when they are not being childish or cruel, when they are at their open and free state. There is no greater joy to me than the joy of learning the lessons that the innocence of a child have to offer.

There is something so profoundly beautiful about a being that knows that it doesn't know anything.

Yeah, what I keep discovering over and over, what I keep realizing over and over is that the real truth is that I don't really know anything. I don't know how the world should be, must be or needs to be. I don't even know how the world really is. I don't know what's right and what's wrong... not really. The truth is that I don't know anything and I don't even know if that's true.

I keep falling into the space that I am so in love with, the vast, open space of the consciousness of an innocent child. It is so lovely. I discover true enjoyment, true life, true freedom.

It is so beautiful and precious that I don't even need it or want it. It is not mine. It is free of me. I love it. The fulfillment and the richness of the experience I am unsuccessfully trying to point to is such a profound

I was going to keep writing, but I can't. I've gone beyond words, and something wants to dwell there.

I love what we truly are -- I am no longer afraid of it.


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