Sunday, July 25, 2010


It's more simple than healing
More simple than love
More simple than inspiration

It's more obvious than awareness
More humble than humility
More welcoming than the coziest welcome
More present than presence

It's simpler than a tear
Simpler than a smile
More real than reality
More clear than clarity

More constant than constancy
More reliable than reliability
More sublime than heaven
It's not graspable, it's not personal, it's not even beautiful
It's more enlightened than light itself

Way, way less than nothing
And here it is, for few to see

It's way more silent than silence itself
Are you quiet enough to see it?

It's brighter than light itself
A lot more empty than emptiness

It's not heaven, it's not hell
It's not in between
It's not shocking, it's not emotional, it's not impacting
It does melt the wickedest witches though
It's not water, water is too much
Have you found it yet?

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