Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Denial of the Spiritual Realms

Okay, before I start, I want to tell you that the real title of this article is “The Denial of the Subtle Realms” – I used the word spiritual instead, because I am aware that we have been conditioned to think of the spiritual as the subtle, ethereal realms of a higher order. The truth is, that at least in the way I’ve come to see it, there is nothing that is not spiritual. The truth is that the realm that you and I inhabit right now is a spiritual realm. Brushing your teeth, tying your shoelaces, eating breakfast and going to work are perfectly spiritual things in my book. Of course we have not been taught that, we’ve been taught that the spiritual is up there and we could not be more separated from the high and holy. Anyway, that’s another story… what I really want to write about now is about the obvious fact of the existence of subtler (or what most call “spiritual”) realms.

Do you really think that the only intelligent, creative and self-aware beings are human beings? I mean, come on! That would be silly, wouldn’t it? Knowing that there are degrees of density from our direct observation, and knowing the infinity of space we have got to be a bit more honest. Can you see the radio waves in the air that can bring any of those boxes we call radios to life? What about the waves that upon reception brings your TV to life? What about Wi-Fi? What about the way your voice can travel all the way to China through a cell phone? I mean, come on! We all know from just our daily experience that reality is multidimensional. We have dense rocks and subtle breezes; we have dense rain and subtle sunlight; isn’t it obvious?

The idea that the only beings that are self-aware are these beings called humans, beings who reside on the relatively tiny planet called Earth is just silly. The only lucky, graced and gifted ones by a cosmic evolutionary “accident” can’t be us. That’s an egocentric trip at best, at least if you ask me. It takes a pretty hurt and scared soul to shut off the sensitivity to the multidimensional reality. But again, that’s another story.

I’d like to posit something that perhaps many of us have not thought about. I know that I have mentioned the vastness of the universe and created images making planet Earth seem small. I know that this might seem like I am implying like other, more subtle realities are distant from where we are, but that’s not necessarily so. Like I said, there is a ton of information floating in the air you breathe, you are breathing in thousands of TV channels, thousands of radio stations, tons of subtle information. Another thing that you can’t argue is that love has no solidity to it, you can’t tell me what love looks like, how much it weighs or how much it’s worth, more poignant than all of that is that you can't tell me where love is. Love is another thing you are breathing in and out every instant.

So, who knows? Maybe we are also in the presence of a plethora of dimensions that are so much subtler than what our senses can perceive that we wouldn't even be aware of them. Maybe there’s what they call a bunch of angels surrounding you now – they may be so subtle and in such a different order of reality that you wouldn’t be able to see them! Our senses might just be too slow to be able to experience of perceive such beings.

The point isn’t to call them angels, the point is whether there might be beings surrounding you or not. It doesn’t matter what you call them. It is an obvious fact that there are other dimensions that have different sets of laws ruling them… just remember a recent dream and you will see what I am talking about.

The nicest thing about all of what I am writing about is that it is all relatively irrelevant and relatively unimportant, it's ultimately kind of like knowing that there are people who live in China. You may not be seeing them now, but you know they are there and now you don't have to be in denial about it – which is always a good thing, because you will be aware of a more global reality and you will make the tiny adjustments necessary to coexist harmoniously.

All I am hoping to bring out in the light is that there is more to reality than we might be aware of, there is more space, more possibilities and more of everything. The point is to come out of denial, that's all. It only takes opening our senses and opening our minds and hearts to be able to come out of what I think is such an obviously egocentric denial. I do not think that we are alone and that all there is, is a shitty world that makes us get up in the morning and go to work. There is MORE to life; and I think we all intuitively know this… it’s a matter of being brave enough to come out of our mental boxes and explore the multiple possibilities.

Remember, the existence of an infinite number of realms doesn’t ultimately matter, this is all about getting you out of denial, not about making you a spiritual junkie, which is the last thing we need. The whole point of this life and this living is to take care of and be HERE now.

The whole point is to be aware of that in which we invest too much energy denying, so we can have the energy available to be present and ready for NOW.

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