Sunday, July 25, 2010

Are you letting yourself be loved?

I know beyond any doubt that I am an extremely loving and caring beautiful guy. I know that there is no joy greater than loving. This is without question.

I suspect the same is probably true for you, although I can only guess this.

The thing is... most people do not ALLOW themselves to be loved! It's really a drag!

They respond to my love with doubt, uncertainty and tremendous insecurity. I guess it has to do with the collective conditioning. We are trained to distrust the love around us, it's almost ingrained in our nervous systems, tied into our survival instincts.

It took a while for me to notice this, but seriously, the only true goal and endeavor that I have ever had in my life is to unconditionally love everyone and everything. Most people don't allow me to! And that's not a big deal, I'm just writing this to bring it to YOUR awareness and notice that if you're asking for love on some level and rejecting it on another, then you've got some conflict to see through!

I know raccoons, chipmunks and squirrels run away from me when I want to show them some love, but they're not asking for it and they've got survival things wired into it. I know they're not really afraid of me or my love, they're just playing their part.

Many humans have this fight, flight or freeze response to love too without knowing it. Their biggest fear is exactly what they say they want most: LOVE.

Now, I am mature and grown enough to accept that everyone has a right to accept or reject whatever they want... but again, I just want to place a mirror on you to look at yourself and see if there are any disparities between what you say you want and what you actually want. Close the gap!

Be brave, allow yourself to be loved! If you don't, you will turn the other person off and they will go elsewhere in search of people who are actually brave enough to allow themselves to be loved!

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