Sunday, July 25, 2010

Almost 26

I have always enjoyed reflecting, contemplating, meditating, thinking, feeling and being. I've always enjoyed dreaming. I think about everything that happened right before this instant and everything is a dream. So much pain, so much joy. So much seeking, so much tranquility. My life has been wonderful. I have found everything that I've looked for, I have lived all the experiences that I've desired to live. Inside my being there is a powerful and deep shift happening. Gabriel is satisfied, complete, fulfilled. There is no ego dominating my existence.

It's ironic how the path seems to be about realizing one time after another that things move from a place a lot more encompassing and immense than oneself. I am not the one who controls things. It's such an epic, dramatic, revealing journey. Time after time an illusion of a goal gets created and time after time it collapses right before your eyes. Wise is he who learns and who recognizes the true universal dynamic.

The relief that I feel inside is the relief that a seeking soul, that has embodied thousands of times and finally finds what it was seeking, feels. The journey has been a tragicomedy. I almost feel that I remember my past lives. I feel the healing and relief in my soul. Doubts no longer exist. Sorrow is no longer strong enough to engulf me. I am detached and attached at the same time. The balance and harmony withing my soul are indescribable. The joy and celebration for having realized that this time around illusion is not going to keep me hostage, is unreal. I know that you understand exactly what I am saying. I know that there are thousands of souls transitioning into this new way of being.

I enjoy being alive, I feel content. I am a beautiful, mature man. I love myself unconditionally and I forgive myself without any boundaries. I am beautiful.

I have freed myself from the claws of the so many appearances that tend to have the ability to be so deceptive, I have freed myself of the temptation of the forces that conspire to blur consciousness. I have done my job as a being. I give myself the credit that I have yearned for others to give me. I have myself.

In this life I have lived so many lifetimes. I have been the worst of villains, I have been the worst of demons, I have been in many circles. I know who I am. I know why I am here. I know what it's all about.

There is only love, understanding and compassion. There is nothing in my head that ties me to samsara. I am awake and alive.

Life is so beautiful! You are so beautiful! I am so beautiful!

It is all one. There is nobody or nothing better or worse than anybody else. It is all included within what I am, within what you are!

I publicly congratulate myself and accept myself unconditionally as a divine being, as a wonderful being, as a real being.

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